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May 17 2010

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Rainy Day Lament...
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May 10 2010

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Wyjatkowo podoba mi sie ta posciel..;)
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May 07 2010

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public transporturtle

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April 16 2010


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April 14 2010

Nap Anywhere On The Map With The New Sleep Box

Any frequent traveler would probably best understand what I’m trying to put forth here, this cool new architectural concept created by the Russian Arch Group could turn into a life saver for most of the frequent travelers and business men. This is your portal to a session of sound sleep in a city where an accommodation or the possibility of finding an accommodation for a night’s sleep is pretty low.

Designed to be installed at crucial points like the Airports, central public places or any place on the map where finding an accommodation  is really difficult, this  may become the quite usual scene in probably a few years.
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Are you a lateeeee? (via 9gag.com)
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